Penance poster, LGBTQ horror short film, Kayden Phoenix

The latest short written by Kayden Phoenix. Penance has garnered 10 film festival laurels, including the Oscar-Qualifying film festival, Cinequest and Outfest. 

Penance has won "Grand Jury Award" in Brazil's premiere horror festival, Espantomania. 

Penance has won "Best LGBTQ Film" at the LA Film Awards. 

Kayden received a Best Director nomination from Queen Palms Film Festival for Penance. 

Penance was invited to be screened at the Mexican Consulate. 

Upon interest from horror production co's, Kayden has written a feature-length script and is currently shopping it. 


Jalisco Latina Superhero, Comic book, Graphic novel, Super hero

JALISCO is a Latina superhero created by Kayden Phoenix. 

With distribution already in place, JALISCO, the graphic novel, is being drawn and released this September.

The proof of concept (short) was submitted to it's first film festival and won the Grand Jury Award at the bi-national Latino cultural and comic festival, CreArte Expo. 

The feature script is currently being shopped. 


Santa, Latina Superhero, graphic novel, comic book, SJW super hero, Social Justice Warrior

SANTA is another Latina Superhero created by Kayden Phoenix. Though in the same universe as Jalisco, Santa is the social justice warrior. 

SANTA, the graphic novel, is currently in production and set to release Spring 2020.

 The feature script is currently being shopped.